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10 Eco-Friendly Tips for a Green Christmas

10 Eco-Friendly Tips for a Green Christmas



Traditionally, thoughts of Christmas conjure colours of red and green. But what if you want to forget the red and go all green? That’s right, I’m talking the eco-friendly kind of green!  Christmas is undoubtedly the most exciting time of year. A time of traditions where the daily grind comes to a halt, click here if you would like to read what our family Christmas traditions are.

Environmentally friendly Christmas


1.Buy Eco friendly gifts


In your Christmas hunt this year search and support local businesses. There are endless options for eco friendly businesses focused on sustainability and fair trade. Keep an eye out for our 2018 Eco-Friendly Gift Guide!


2. A Thoughtful Tree


Artificial Christmas trees use a lot of plastic and involve a long production and shipping process, taking ten to twenty years of use to reclaim the carbon footprint!  Real potted trees are a great alternative because you can replant them in your garden or keep potted and re-use the following year.


3.DIY Christmas Decorations


You can have lots of fun with your children making gingerbread and salt dough decorations to hang, or string popcorn filled baubles and popcorn tinsel to put a cute twist on your tree.


4. Buy Battery Free Gifts


According to the EPA, about 40% of all battery sales occur during the holiday season. If you do buy battery gifts, add rechargeable AA and AAA’s to the gift and encourage recycling post battery life. According to a Planet Ark research report, less than 6% of all handheld batteries in Australia (by weight) are recovered for reprocessing and over two thirds of handheld batteries are currently sent to landfill. (ABRI, 2010).

5. Green Gift Wrapping


Use re-usable boxes, natural paper, repurposed fabrics or newspapers instead of wrapping paper. Did you know the equivalent of approximately 50,000 trees is used each year to wrap our gifts?


6. E-cards over Tree Cards!


E-card’s cut our carbon footprint, save tress and save money. What’s not to like? If you’re stuck with traditions and really want to send a card, purchase them from a charity or buy recycled paper cards.


7. Turn Down the Lights!


Use solid instead of flashing lights as they require less energy and of course select LED lights for the house and christmas tree. Also reduce the size of outdoor light displays or try having them on for a reduced amount of time. Solar powered lights are becoming a very popular way of reducing consumption!

8. Conscious Consumption


Food Wastage is at an all-time high through Christmas. Make sure you meal plan so that you’re not buying food your family will not eat.

9. Alternative Christmas gifts


Give an experience rather than a gift. Christmas is all about giving but doesn’t necessarily have to be directly to your loved one. Donate to a charity in your loved one’s name or contribute your time to a local charity or community gardening workshop with your loved one.

10. Recycle where you can


Concentrate on the way you are disposing of your rubbish. Research new ways you can recycle your waster. Separate into the right bins, donate or re-gift unwanted presents and send larger items to your local recycling centres.


Do you have some eco-friendly Christmas Tips of your own? What’s working for you and your family —and how are you encouraging them? Let us know in the comments below.

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