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5 Tips for a Sneeze Free Spring

Spring has Sprung in Australia and so does new life. As an ex-florist it’s my favourite time of the year with so many gorgeous blooms sprouting throughout my neighbourhood and local parks. It can however, bring unwanted change for many Australians. As many of us dodge the unsuspecting swoop of magpies while we stop to pull a cluster of bindies from the foot, there are an unlucky group of us who get to heave in fits of sneezes and rub itchy eyes at the same time!

Although the above imagery is hilarious to me, hay fever is no fun!

So how can we reduce our exposure in the home?

Mud baths aren’t clean 

Just because it’s a bath doesn’t mean you’ll come out clean – it depends what’s in it! Same goes for pillows, duvets, sofa and throw cushions! A clean cover on an old insert is just a mud bath at the end of the day. Change them out every year or two for fresh Eco-friendly low allergen inserts and a sneeze free sleep.



If you still want to enjoy the throws of Spring but can’t bare the blooms, then styling your home with low allergen plants is key! I am a great lover of succulents whereby stores like @2b_planted, @homespunsucculents and @succulentsistas can fulfil all your green dreams. Not only do they bring life and a fresh natural look to your home, they also thrive indoors and help clear the air of toxins. Most succulents are low or no pollen plants but be sure to avoid any sap producing succulents if you are particularly sensitive to latex.


Allergen free scents

Missing the smell of Spring Flowers? There are great pollen free alternatives such as organic candles scented with essential oils that you can find in the boutique market from small businesses. A coffee table looks stunning with some neutral coloured hard cover books and a gorgeous candle as the centre piece. Check out @wicksandstones

The Spring clean

Avoid creating airborne allergens through traditional dusting and make sure you wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth. If required use natural low allergen cleaning products like @koalacoeco products.



Image Via Koala Eco

Don’t forget the furniture! 

They are hay fever havens! Many people often think of changing out bed pillows but sofas and throw cushions harbour the same. Find Eco-friendly low allergen inserts and change periodically. Not only will it help your health but will keep your cushions looking plump and comfortable too!

If you can’t change out sewn-in cushions such as an occasional chair get them professionally cleaned along with rugs and carpets. Changeout long fibre, winter style rugs or rugs that are made from allergy provoking materials such as jute. Instead go for thin allergen free materials such as woven bamboo mats.




Image Via Pinterest

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