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How to become a Mum Entrepreneur

Nothing can prepare you for Mum Entrepreneur-hood

We have all heard that motherhood is a thankless, underpaid job. Right? Turns out, so is entrepreneurship.

There’s a famous quote that says ‘Nothing can prepare you for motherhood.’ And I think the same can be applied here to Entrepreneurship.

Starting a business with 3 young children on a tight family budget and a Fly-in, Fly-out husband probably sounds like a bad idea.

Somewhere under my haze of sleep deprivation, (like many mums out there) I decided to make the leap from motherhood to entrepreneur-hood.

So how did I do it?

The short, obvious answer would be COFFEE! But no doubt you’re already there because you’re a parent!

So read on for my best tips to Mum Entrepreneur …



Know your strengths


And do them well! You are only one person, so Im sorry to say you will NEVER have time to cover the entirety of your business. Focus on your skill sets that will maximise the quality of service you can provide and outsource the rest! If you’re not in marketing then forget google ad words, if you’re not a writer, then source external blogs to feature your business rather than writing your own. If you can’t afford to outsource everything, then hire the knowledge to teach you the skill sets you need. This will mean the overall quality of your business will remain high while you execute your niche to perfection!






Collaborations with like minded businesses are an amazing resource for cross marketing, sharing workloads, increasing brand awareness and outsourcing areas of your business that lack your professional knowledge. You will find many of your social media followers and businesses in collaborative facebook groups are ready and willing to offer their services free of charge for a common goal. Not only will you save money but TIME for the ever time poor parent.



Divide home from worklife


The greater percentile of Mum Entrepreneurs work from home so you need to be able to find balance between work and home life. Trying to work while caring for your children simply does not work. Work while they sleep and if you need more time, then you’ll need to put them in care for your sanity. Care is often expensive but the productive environment you gain will see returns in no time and mean more quality time for your children.

If you’re looking for that key ingredient for entrepreneurship, then look no further! It’s within you already. One thing that both parents and entrepreneurs have in common is they share that resilience of working hard and never giving up. For me, It seems like I am constantly applying the skills I’ve acquired from being a mother which evidently has been critical to my development in my new role as entrepreneur.




What do you love about being a Mum Entrepreneur? Do you have any tips for someone thinking about making the jump? Tell me in the comments below.

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