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Interior Design Trends 2019

Interior Design Trends for 2019


As we plan for the new year, you may be wondering what Australian interior design trends of 2019 will be. A new home build, renovation or room revamp doesn’t just happen overnight, so it’s important to predict new movements in home and interior designs. Undoubtedly, it seems sustainable nature based styling continues to dominate in every facet of home design. If you’re looking for future trends to keep your 2019 looking fresh, then read on as Coco Rose Interiors dissects the next styling statements taking influence in Australian homes.



Colour will continue to follow a natural earthen trend that 2018 has seen with bold colour pops moving from artificial to more natural vibrant colours. Renowned colour matching system Pantone recently named its colour of the year as Living Coral. “Representing the fusion of modern life, PANTONE Living Coral is a nurturing colour that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media. PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, and energising aspects of colour found in nature.” – (Pantone) (Colour of the Year 2019, 2018)


Living Coral colour of the year


Eliza from Eliza Grace Interiors agrees. After attending a 2019 Colour Forecast seminar and writing her own blogpost she summarises, “Colour in 2019 will be made up of a warm pallet mixed with colours inspired by nature. Think gorgeous corals, warm greys, moody taupes and olive greens!”

Joc from Little Bowerbird Interiors believes our love for the natural Australian environment is once again taking hold, “The resurgence of Australian native flowers has carried through.. as a new colour palette in Australia of soft eucalyptus grey/greens, wattle yellow, outback dirt rusty reds (and) forest green. It’s all lovely and I think will continue strongly in 2019.”



Interior Trends for 2019

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Home Décor


The year gone has no doubt thrown the bohemian look front and centre under the spotlight. With the bohemian trend now finding it’s way into major outlets, its apparent the boho look is here to stay. “Home décor Looks such a Scandi and Boho will become the norm rather than the trend, but I think the over decoration with fringing in the boho look will tone down a little.” Joc from Little Bowerbird Interiors explains.


The top Interior trends for 2019

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Eliza tends to agree, “2019 will definitely be moving away from the ‘display home’ look. Home Décor is shifting towards a more personal and curated style that is reflective of the individuals living in the home. People are travelling a lot more these days, which means they pick up unique trinkets that tell a story or evoke fond memories.”


Kellie Hobbs, a Brisbane based property stylist also feels the travel influence is taking a stronghold.   “Amalfi inspired Coastal Chic will be huge in 2019. Cane furniture, earthen rugs, bright flowers and Italian Stripes.”

Interior Design Trends you need to be doing in 2019

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With the popularity of Bohemian and Scandinavian designs maintaining heavy influence in design circles, Joc from Little Bowerbird Interiors feels that 2019 will see a stronger return of the 70’s and 80’s. “I don’t think we will see the extremes of the looks but rather the essence of the styles such as low chunky sofas with big arms, minimal decoration, slightly masculine.”


The best guide to Interior Design Trends

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Eliza Grace feels Trends are moving away from the harsh and sharp edges we have seen in recent years and switching towards a softer look. “I feel that we will see furniture move towards a more curved design with rounded edges and soft finishings in 2019.


Inspiring Interior Design Trends for 2019

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2018 has been dominated a drive to create natural tranquil spaces in the home. The use of earthy toned materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite have been notably strong. These elements will continue to help bring an organic and serene ambiance to any space however, 2019 interiors will move toward truer golds. You’ll see an updated look that brings a sophisticated and fresh look as crisp golden highlights add a high-shine appeal to popular wooden, natural pieces.


The Ultimate Guide to Interiors for 2019

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Kelly Hobbs, a Brisbane property stylist, says people should also “bring the outside in with greenery, plants and natural fibres.” She notes that the use of floral fabrics and wallpapers can really help to drive this home.


Eliza Grace predicts interiors in 2019 will be ‘harmonious’ in nature. “Whether that is a harmonious colour pallet including various shades of the one colour or furniture which all flows together with similar angles and curves.”


What's hot in Interior Trends for 2019 Image via Pinterest


Whichever way you go for styling in 2019, one thing is evidently clear, an earthy natural and sustainable approach to styling is gaining strong momentum. It’s an exciting time to see people are now moving from the sub-conscious to the eco-conscious as they not only style with a natural feel but also now a sustainable mindset. If you are looking for more ways to change your approach to sustainable living then head to our Shop for thoughtful products and so much more.

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